Massage Lotions Versus Oils: Their Differences And Why You Might Have A Preference

Before you get all excited about that massage lotion for sale, you should know more about massage lotions and oils. When you get a massage, which one does your masseuse use? Sometimes the massage therapists and massage experts have a preference for oil or lotion and use that exclusively regardless of the age of the client. Other massage therapists use lotions with younger clients and oils with older clients. Here is a comparison of the two, and why you might have a preference for one over the other:

Both Help Dry Skin, but Oils Are Better for Older Skin

Oils and lotions are used in massage so that the massage therapist's hands can glide easily over your skin. This prevents your massage from feeling more like a meat beat-down than a massage. It also helps your skin get softer. While both massage lotions and oils can soften the skin, oils are better for older skin because older skin can soak up the oils better than the lotions.

Oils Hold Scent Longer

Most massage lotions and oils are scented. They are often infused with scents that relax, energize, or invigorate the senses for a more pleasurable massage experience. You may go half a day smelling like roses and lavender when you use a lotion, but the scent of citrus fruits lingers an entire day when you use oils.

This is because the alcohol content in lotions combined with body heat causes the scent to evaporate (which is why you have to reapply perfume or cologne when the scent has faded). That is not the case with oils because there is no alcohol in the oils; only pure scent infusions. Depending on how long you want the scent of your massage to linger, you can use one or the other.

Lotions Are Less Expensive Than Oils

Lotions are less expensive than oils. Ergo, if you wanted to buy a bottle of the massage lotion, you could do so and take it home with you. Then you can use it to soften your skin daily, which in turn helps your next massage go even smoother. Your massage therapist or masseuse would not have to use quite so much lotion on softened skin if you have already used the same lotion regularly to hydrate and pamper your skin. Oils are more expensive because they are often purified and infused with natural scent and sold in smaller bottles.

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