Always Cold? Take These Steps When You Book A Massage

If you're the type of person who is always cold, regardless of the time of the year, you know that you can struggle to be comfortable. Often, you can feel better when you're clad in several layers of clothing, but this approach isn't exactly practical when you book a treatment with your registered massage therapist. Part of the reason you visit a massage therapist is for relaxation, but you'll be anything but relaxed if you're cold and uncomfortable during the treatment. Here are some steps that you can take in advance of your massage to ensure that you're warm and comfortable.

Ask To Have The Room Warm

Your massage therapist wants you to be as comfortable as possible during the treatment, and this includes having the room set at a temperature that suits you. It's partly inefficient, however, to arrive at the appointment and ask the therapist to increase the temperature in the room. In some cases, it could take a significant amount of time for the room to warm up, which can keep you chilly and uncomfortable through much of the session. Avoid this problem by calling the therapist and asking to have the room warm when you arrive. He or she can turn up the thermostat shortly before your appointment, making the room cozy for you.

Inquire About Heating Devices

When you call to book your massage or request that the room temperature is turned up, ask about any heating devices that the massage therapist may have. Some therapists will use an electric blanket on your body to keep you warm, while others will use heat packs that can be microwaved until hot and placed against your body. If the therapist cannot offer these perks, finding out in advance will allow you to transport your own heating devices to the appointment.

Wear Wool Socks

Although you'll remove most of your clothing during the massage, you can often feel more warm and comfortable when you wear warm wool socks. Chilly feet can make your entire body feel cold, and even if your bare feet are covered by a sheet and blanket, they might still be a little cool. Wool socks will keep them warm and toasty, and you can leave the socks on for the entirety of the treatment — even if you want your feet massaged. Many massage therapists are happy to work through clothing, and the presence of socks shouldn't impede your therapist from massaging your feet.

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