Breathe New Life Into Your Massage Appointment With These Three Variations

Frequent massage treatments provide an extensive array of physical and emotional benefits from pain reduction to less stress. If you visit a clinic after booking a massage, you'll typically receive a traditional Swedish massage or a variation thereof. This common form of massage is broad and can encompass everything from working on specific muscle ailments to providing overall relaxation. If you're looking for a switch from the familiarity of Swedish massage, many clinics offer a wide range of other forms of treatment. Ask if your clinic provides any of these three types and you might soon have a new favourite type of therapy.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is a delight in the winter months, but many people also enjoy it throughout the year. In this treatment, the therapist uses warm, smooth stones to provide deep pressure -- if desired -- and a cozy, comforting feeling. Each treatment encompasses stones of a variety of sizes. After rubbing your body with a stone, the therapist will typically wrap it in a cloth and leave it in a strategic location of your body. A treatment can include stones placed along the spine for relaxation and even tiny stones gently slid between your fingers and toes. If you usually book 60-minute Swedish massages, splurge for a 90-minute hot stone session to allow your therapist to work from head to toe.

Thai Massage

Booking a Thai massage provides an experience unlike any you've likely ever received. This treatment takes place on mats spread on the floor rather than on a table. The therapist will position you at various times on your front, back and sides and use his or her hands and feet to gently massage your muscles. Some of the poses might seem visually amusing -- in one, the therapist will hold your foot while using his or her feet to gently apply pressure to your calves and hamstrings -- but this might be the most enjoyable massage you've ever had. You'll find yourself comfortably contorted to a variety of new positions that provide a deep level of relaxation.

Couple's Massage

Whether your anniversary is on the horizon or you're just looking for a pleasurable activity with your partner, a couple's massage provides the opportunity to reconnect -- and relax -- together. In this type of treatment, you and your partner occupy tables set adjacent to one another while a pair of therapists works on you. It's an ideal chance to have a peaceful chat with each other or to just share a few winks and smiles as you relax.

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